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One Direction producer reveals late night Zayn Malik session magic

Co-producer/songwriter Julian Bunetta, who works with One Direction, has revealed to MTV News that heartthrob Zayn Malik recorded his part on 'You and I' during the early hours of a morning after being woken from sleep especially for the impromptu session.

Speaking to MTV, Bunetta explained that Malik is very fond of being in bed so it was a challenge to get him up, but once he was awake he delivered an amazing high note that was perfect for that particular song:

"So I woke him up — they had just done two shows that day. They're back on the bus; I woke him up at three in the morning or something. Zayn likes to sleep, so I had to wake him up and we just set up in the studio in the hotel room. And after we recorded 'Best Song Ever,' that was the last vocal for that."

"But what they didn't show was us recording 'You and I' after that cause I needed ad-libs on 'You and I.' If it [hadn't been] that time of night and we weren't in that moment, [because] whatever happened in that moment, was when he came with that, and he just hit that amazing high note at the end chorus. It was things like that on the fly, we had to do it, we had to go with it, and amazing stuff came out of it."

The group's brand new album, 'Midnight Memories', has already become the UK's fastest selling record of the year after shifting a phenomenal 187,600 units beating the record previously held by Daft Punk, who sold 165,000 copies of 'Random Access Memories' in its first week. 






Check out 'You and I', which features on the boyband's new album 'Midnight Memories', below: