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Melanie C says she’d love to work with the Spice Girls again

Melanie C has revealed that she would love to work with the Spice Girls again.

The 38-year-old, who performed with the rest of the girls at the Olympic closing ceremony, told the Daily Star that she hasn’t ruled out returning to the places they didn’t visit on their 2007 reunion tour:

“I never thought we’d perform ­together again the first time when we reunited in 2007 and I think we toured for about six months.

“Unfortunately we didn’t get to Australia, we didn’t get to South America…but you never know. I’d love to work with the girls again, it’s always such an event.”

However, the Superstar judge, who releases new album, ‘Stages,’ later this month, admitted that she still finds it odd when she does reunite with her former bandmates:

“It is odd being back ­together. It’s a bit surreal because we’re still friends and we still see each other but it’s rare that all five of us get together and when we do it’s in front of the world, so it’s weird.”




Watch the Spice Girls perform at the London 2012 closing ceremony below: