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Miley Cyrus: 'Dressing as a Jonas Brother persuaded me to cut my hair off'

Songstress Miley Cyrus has revealed that dressing up as one of the Jonas Brothers gave her the idea to chop off her long brown locks.

During a new interview with V magazine, on which the 'See You Again' star also graces the cover, she explained that she noticed that she could pull off very short hair so decided to go with it as she was craving change:

"I’m like, ‘Why don’t I just cut my hair, all blonde?’ Because I’ve always wanted to do it. I got to pretend to be a Jonas Brother one time and I had to wear a Jonas swoop and as soon as I saw it I was like, ‘Okay, I kind of look dope like that.’ And I never really thought about it again. And then Pharrell said, ‘That’s what you can do that no one else can do.’”

She added that Pharrell Williams was also the first person that she told when she finally got the pixie cut: "He was the only person I wanted to call, because I wanted him to know that I’m not f****** around with what I’m saying. I’m going to change, I’m going to be different, I’m going to do what I want to do. I chopped my hair and bought a pair of Docs and never looked back.”





Watch behind-the-scenes footage from the striking V magazine shoot here: