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Pop-punk band Simple Plan team up with Natasha Bedingfield

Canadian pop-punkers Simple Plan have recruited the talents of the UK's very own Natasha Bedingfield for their new album's first single, which they confirmed as 'Jet Lag'. 

The band will release their forthcoming record on June 21 and members Pierre and Sebastian released a bi-lingual video update for fans, in which they explain the exciting news:

"This song is amazing, it's actually one of my favourite songs off the record, it sounds great it's got this classic feel to it already. For the first time, we're doing a duet!"

"It actually has two female vocalists as there's a French version of the song!"

"For the English version of the song, we've got none other than - drumroll - the beautiful Natasha Bedingfield and she rocked it. It sounds amazing, she has an amazing voice, she totally blew us away with her vocal talent and I've always been a big fan of her stuff."

Both female collaborators, Bedingfield and Marie-Mai, will also star in the single's video. Watch the update here: