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Patrick Wolf's "really romantic" new album

Patrick Wolf has opened up about his forthcoming fifth studio album, 'Lupercalia', and explained that it's a "really romantic record".

Speaking exclusively to Digital Spy, the star revealed:

"Every song is a true story and not disguised with the folklore and fairytale that I've been known for in the past." 

Wolf also talked about the change in direction fans will notice on this new offering, and said:

"I'm in a confident place. I've exorcised a lot of demons and overcome a lot of my problems from when I was younger. I've healed and I'm probably in the best place in my life that I've ever been."

"I've recently moved back to my hometown of Southwark - and a big theme of the album is returning to your roots and being grateful for what you have." 

The video for Wolf's new single, 'The City', is out now and you can watch the latest installment of his video diary that explores the making of his new album, which will be released on May 31, below: