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The Wanted reveal record label rule-breaking

The Wanted have revealed that they ignored ground rules set by their record company over alcohol when they first visited the US.

Jay McGuiness told the Daily Record that the band were asked not to drink alcohol, indulge in caffeine or eat dairy products.

However, he said that he and the guys then went out and bought beer, pizza and coffee - adding that people can't tell The Wanted what to do. He said:

"The first gig we were playing in the States, we were told by the record company that we were not allowed to drink alcohol, consume caffeine or eat cheese or dairy. So we ordered a crate of beer, five four-cheese pizzas and lots of cups of coffee in our dressing room. As much as people can give us advice, they can't shoehorn us into doing things."

However, it seems like the bigwigs eventually turned round to the cheeky Wanted boys. Max George added:

"In the end, they got our humour. It took a while and a lot of stress and they told us that dealing with us was like trying to herd kittens into a bath."




Watch The Wanted's 'Warzone' below: