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The Wanted on possibility of One Direction collaboration: "No one wants to listen to a crowd sing"

The UK has produced some of the hottest boybands in the past couple of years, but fans of The Wanted and One Direction might be disappointed if they're hoping for a duet.

In a new interview with AOL Sessions, heartthrobs The Wanted explained that if the two groups did team up for a possible collaboration there would be ten voices singing on one track and it would simply be too much. Siva Kaneswaran said:

"There would be 10 people singing on our song which is just a crowd, that’s like a crowd. No one wants to listen to a crowd sing. No one!”

Despite their apparent lack of enthusiasm at the thought of joining forces in the future, member Jay McGuiness added that they have a great deal of respect for the 'What Makes You Beautiful' lads and he admitted that he even has a favourite song of theirs:

"Ok, the one that I like most is ‘It’s Gotta Be You’ because I just think those harmonies they do in the back, it’s just uplifting. It’s cool.”




The Wanted's Max George joined in the conversation and explained that the age difference between the two groups would make it difficult to work together because what they might consider appropriate lyrically might not work for One Direction:

"It would be hard to do a collab with them because it’s sort of mixing two genres... you’re in the same genre, but the music’s so different. We’re allowed to make sexual innuendos where I’m guessing they wouldn’t. But we like to do that sort of thing, so we’d have to make a compromise which would fit... which would fit both sets of bands I think."

Watch a recent interview with Nathan Skyes below: