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Siva Kaneswaran's girlfriend had to endure "filth pot" bandmates in LA

The Wanted's Siva Kaneswaran found it difficult introducing his girlfriend to his "filth pot" lifestyle in Los Angeles.

The band - also comprising Jay McGuiness, Max George, Tom Parker and Nathan Sykes - are currently promoting their new E! reality TV show 'The Wanted Life.'

They were filmed as they recorded their third album in LA and loved living it up in a house together.

Kaneswaran sometimes found it challenging to balance his relationship with Nareesha McCaffery and his boisterous bandmates.

Speaking to MTV News he explained: "It was difficult because you're living with filth pots sometimes. But you have to put a line there and know not what to cross. I think the first few weeks were difficult, but after that, it went really smooth. We all partied a lot and broke the house."

Parker says his girlfriend Kelsey enjoyed the band's wild parties though.

He said: "I found it fairly easy, to be honest. With Kelsey, she has quite a laddish attitude, so she goes out enjoys herself and drinks. I think it shows the difference between both relationships quite a lot. Siva and Nareesha are a bit more... like to do their own thing, a bit more reserved. Me and Kelsey like to go out [with the group] and enjoy ourselves a little bit."

McGuiness says fun was had by all though adding: "The hot tub was abused. It probably needs counselling before someone entered it again. They probably just burned it. If this hot tub could talk, it would just cry."





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