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Usher says he can 'Gangnam Style' dance better than Psy

Usher has proclaimed that he can do the 'Gangnam Style' dance better than its creator.

The song's video, which is performed by Korean star Psy, has become a YouTube sensation due to its dance routine.

Speaking to Capital FM, Usher said that he has actually become friends with Psy and has spent time with the global phenomenon.

However, the R&B man believes that he can work the dance routine better than the Korean. Usher said:

"I do the 'Gangnam Style' better than Psy himself. We've hung out a little bit man, we're friends. He's cool man. He took me to a Korean club in New York City."

The 'Scream' man added: "Oh my God, they really party hard. It was so cool to see what he's able to do in his world. With this dance craze it just introduces you to something different."




Watch the video for Psy's 'Gangnam Style' below: