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The Vamps on their style: 'We share clothes with each other... and boxers'

'Last Night' heartthrobs The Vamps have opened up about their sense of style in a new interview for

Frontman Brad Simpson explained that they all like the 1950s fashion so tend to gravitate towards that when looking for new pieces for their respective wardrobes: 

"We're kind of really influenced by the 50s style - James Dean type of thing. And we shop at quite a few high street brands - All Saints is a big one and we get a lot of stuff from."

Member Tristan Evans, who drums in the band, then jumped in and added: "We do share each other's clothes though!" James McVey then confessed that sharing clothes isn't just limited to outer garments: "Tristan wore my boxers the other day... oh, Brad wore Tristan's boxers!"

Watch the brief interview in full here: