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The Vamps' James on meeting Taylor Swift: 'I was weak all over'

Heartthrob James McVey, of The Vamps fame, has made no secret of his Taylor Swift crush and was recently lucky enough to meet the country-pop sensation at a concert they played at together. 

Speaking to Sugarscape about the chance meeting, which left him literally shaking in the backstage area, the musician explained that he tried to be so cool, calm and collected, but felt like he failed miserably and just got really excited when they ran into each other: 

"I did stumble upon her. I had difficulty speaking. It was really awkward because these guys were on it and I was just... so not."

Singer Brad Simpson joked: "He was weak at the knees, man." McVey hit back and laughed: "I was weak everywhere, I couldn't stand up! I had to sit down..."

He was then asked if there's anything he'd like to tell Swift now that he's recovered from being starstuck and he added: "When we play together in February, I have a song for you."

The Vamps will support Taylor Swift at London's O2 Arena in February and back in September, McVey told Pressparty that his biggest celebrity crush is the 'I Knew You Were Trouble' superstar






Watch a recent interview with The Vamps here: