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Liam Gallagher: "One Direction's heads are up their "ar*es, but they're harmless"

Liam Gallagher believes that One Direction live with their "heads up their ar*es" but admits that he quite likes them.

The former Oasis man is well known for his acerbic tongue and he rarely ducks out of a verbal battle.

Speaking to Q magazine, the singer lambasted the current music scene and criticised the acts who are selling millions.

However, he seems to reckon One Direction aren't too bad - because they are "harmless". The Beady Eye frontman said:

"I like them. Fair play to them. Why not, man? They haven't got a f***ing clue either. I met them at the Olympics and their heads were up their ar*es, but they're harmless."

In the same interview, Gallagher used the likes of Mumford & Sons as a launchpad to round on the music stars of today, proclaiming:

"Everyone looks like they've got f***ing nits and eat lentil soup with their sleeves rolled up. They all look like they live on the heath. Maybe that's where they record. Everyone's f***ing Don McLean - far too many acoustic guitars, no style. They look like they shop at Oxfam. I wouldn't put any posters up of any band if I was a 16-year-old lad. There's none of that sitting down on f***ing stools for me, sweetheart."




Watch Liam Gallagher celebrate a recent Manchester City goal below: