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Nicola Roberts doesn't think her solo record will shock Girls Aloud bandmates

Nicola Roberts has spent so much time working on her debut album, 'Cinderella's Eyes', that she hasn't found a chance to introduce her bandmates to all the songs yet. 

The 'Lucky Day' singer explained to the Daily Star that although the other Girls Aloud stars haven't heard the record from start to finish yet, she doesn't expect them to be shocked by her electronic musical direction:

"We’ve got really different tastes, but we know each other inside out. Before I heard Cheryl’s records I knew they’d be R&B as that’s what she’s into. The same with Nadine’s album having lots of big ballads." 

"So I think the electro stuff I’ve made won’t be a big shock to the girls, even if it’s surprised a lot of the critics. I hope they like it, though.”

“I worked right until the absolute deadline getting my album finished. So I haven’t had chance to give the other Girls a copy yet. It literally wasn’t ready to give to anyone until a couple of weeks before it came out.”

Watch her perform an acoustic version of 'Sticks and Stones' here: