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Nicola Roberts finds songwriting "simple"

Nicola Roberts has admitted that while she gets nervous performing solo without the backing of her Girls Aloud bandmates she never suffers from writer's block when working on new material. 

The flame-haired songstress explained to that songwriting is something that always came naturally to her and she draws on her own life experiences to create music:

"It's as simple as writing a song about a situation you've been through. And the things you haven't experienced? You imagine how it would feel. We've all got friends and family members who have got life experiences and we remember how they dealt with those situations."

She added that her family used to call her 'Cilla' as a child, after the red-headed singer and presenter Cilla Black, because she was always singing in public:

"One of my uncles nicknamed me Cilla. We used to live on an estate and all the houses were close together; I would run down the street signing and my family would be able to hear me and I'd be able to hear him saying, 'Cilla's on her way!'"




Watch her perform 'Lucky Day' below:


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