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Boy George opens up about prison life

Boy George has opened up about his time in prison, proclaiming that it initiated a "big shift" in his personality.

The Culture Club man was sentenced to prison in 2009 for assault and false imprisonment, serving four months in total.

Speaking to the Observer, he feels his time inside was a learning curve, making him think twice about his life outside the cell. He said:

"That's the most terrifying thing about prison. I was only there about four months, but when it was time to go home I was thinking: 'Oh my God, I've got to go out of here and deal with my life. I am not sure I want to leave!'"

"Once you get clear and get your head screwed on, you see the potential. You look at what you are doing and your behaviour. There was a big shift in me. I just thought, 'You are f**king around. And you can't any more."




Watch Boy George being interviewed on daytime TV earlier this year below: