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Dog days are over for Chipmunk

UK rapper Chipmunk has revealed an unusual fear after explaining that during his childhood he would get locked in cages and had to fight his way out. reports that the 20-year-old 'Champion' star endured a tough upbringing that left him terrified of dogs:

"I hate dogs, proper. My estate was bad and I've been chased by rottweilers, pit bulls. They used to lock us in cages with them and you had to fight to get out. But it's any dogs.. even a Chihuahua."

The talented performer recently admitted he struggled with the pressures of fame following the release of his debut album, 'I Am Chipmunk', but has come back fighting and stronger than ever with his sophomore record, 'Transition', which will be released on April 18. 

Tweeting to his fans yesterday, April 16, Chipmunk wrote excitedly:

"A toast to #Transition @ midnight... I want all my fans to have a sip on something @ midnight..."

Watch coverage of his recent trip to Arsenal's Emirates stadium here:


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