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Chipmunk gives Rihanna a hand

Rapper Chipmunk was pleasantly surprised to be recognized by superstar Rihanna when he helped the singer through a crowded club.

Chipmunk said that he bumped into the ‘S&M’ hitmaker while she was having trouble getting to the bathrooms in a club, and, because he’s a “gentleman”, he gave her a hand.

He said: "Rihanna is a real hottie. I bumped into her in a club when she was having difficulty getting to the toilet because of all the people there.

"So I was a gentleman and helped her get past, not because it was Rihanna, but because I like to have good manners.

"As she went by, she looked up and said, 'Chipmunk!' It was pretty cool that she knew me and she was proper nice. I like the long, red hair, though she's even better with it short."

Check out a ‘chipmunked’ version of Rihanna’s ‘Disturbia’ below:


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