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Chipmunk has £20k bracelet stolen

UK rapper Chipmunk enjoyed his album launch party on Saturday, April 23, but was left £20,000 out of pocket when an attendee stole a piece of his jewellery. 

Tweeting about the very unfortunate incident that happened at London's Proud2 club, the 'Champion' star wrote:

"What happened was a WEEEEZEL popped my bracelet on the sly when I was vybziiiiin away... Kinda like a pick pocket. #thatsnotgangsta tbc"

"And yes it was 20BAGS... Today ima BUUUUY another 1 IMMEEEEDIATELY!!! Ca you can't keep a good man down ya zeet... :) No stress no sweat tbc"

Watch a recent interview with the 'In The Air' rapper here:


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