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Demi Lovato finds 'penny from heaven' after tweeting about her late father

Earlier this week, 'Neon Lights' superstar Demi Lovato shared a photograph of her parents when they were younger and has now revealed that she found a coin on the ground, which she described as a 'penny from heaven'. 

She originally tweeted: "My momma @DiannaDeLaGarza pregnant with my sis @dallaslovato.. Look at how handsome my dad was... RIP Daddy."

The beauty returned to her official Twitter page tonight and told her fans that she had a sign from heaven after posting the tweet about her father, who died last summer, and explained that she found a penny on the floor: 

"I found this on the floor today after tweeting about my dad last night.. Coincidence? I think not #penniesfromheaven."

Lovato recently starred in a Clean & Clear campaign and opened up about her fears, admitting that she has the same concerns as everyone else: "I have the same worries and fears that everyone does. I'm afraid of spiders. I'm afraid of changing my hair and hating it. I'm afraid of being vulnerable in front of the world."

Watch her performing 'Give Me Love' below: