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Demi Lovato reveals her new album's inspiration

Songstress Demi Lovato has revealed that her next studio album will be different to her previous releases. 

Speaking to MTV via email, the 'Skyscraper' beauty explained that she's focusing on the kind of music that she likes rather than trying to create something she thinks will be popular:

"For this album, I’m making music that feels right to me. This time around, I was able to explore different sounds, and hone in on something that I’m really proud of. I’m inspired by something every day so those experiences will definitely be reflected on my next album."

Lovato, meanwhile, recently opened up about how she handles anxiety: "I talk to the people around me, like the people on my team. I vocalise a lot of what I need and they're very understanding. I'm very grateful for that. Exercising is another way I deal with anxiety. Painting, and writing music and expressing myself through art are other ways that I can release emotions. Meditation is another one. Whatever it is, it's important to find what works for you."

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Watch Lovato talk about mental illness here: