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Demi Lovato on upcoming 21st birthday: 'I've made it another year and that's exciting'

Songstress Demi Lovato has revealed that turning 21 in August is exciting because it means she's made it through another year of her life.

During an interview with Cosmopolitan magazine, the 'Made in the USA' beauty confessed that after a turbulent couple of years she's just so happy to be alive and to have the clarity she needs to be making constant progress:

"I look at birthdays as celebrating another year of life. You've made it another year. An entire year. Some people don't make it to 21."

She added that the main thing that's important to her now is being a good role model to her fans: "When I look at someone who's out there partying excessively or rappers rapping about doing drugs, who people look up to, and think, 'Oh that's a G; that's a gangster'. I think, 'You're actually being a giant p***y.' Sorry, but those rockers in the '80s were the furthest thing from rock stars."

Writing on her official Twitter page over the weekend, Lovato explained that it's vital to live life to the full: "Life is so short.. Spend it doing the things that you love, with the people you love..."





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