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Demi Lovato is "nervous" to write her memoir

'Give Your Heart A Break' beauty Demi Lovato has confessed that while releasing a self-help book, entitled 'Staying Strong', was a bold but fairly straightforward move she is very nervous to pen her memoir as it's going to be far more personal. 

Speaking to USA today about writing an in depth autobiography, the beauty explained that honesty is important to her so she will be sharing everything although the thought of that makes her anxious:

"I'm nervous to share my story. But the last time I did, people were really respectful and nobody judged me. Sometimes I have to ask myself, 'How honest do I really want to be with this book?' But I think I'm going to do it. I think I'm going to go for it."

Referring to 'Staying Strong', which was unveiled a couple of weeks ago, the superstar admitted that it was cathartic to share because it can be used as a guide for her fans who might be going through some of the issues that she battled:

"To me, staying strong is really important. A lot of people have faith, have hope, but now what? How do you continue to be strong? It's about doing things daily and taking care of yourself, and I wanted to show my fans what helped me."






Watch her music video for 'Neon Lights' below: