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Jamie Foxx says Drake will "go a long way" in the movie business

Jamie Foxx believes Drake could have a fruitful career in film.

The Canadian rapper broke into showbiz by acting in teen drama Degrassi in the early 2000s before turning to rap.

However, Django Unchained star Foxx told MTV that he thinks Drake could easily forge a career in movies if he wants to.

The actor said: "So when he did Saturday Night Live, I was like, 'oh yeah, you really showing 'em'. I got movie ideas for him. I think he will go a long way."

Foxx added: "Drake is my little brother, man. When he first came out, I took him to [The Tonight Show With] Conan O'Brien and I said, 'Listen, you may not know who this is, but in a couple of years, the whole world will know his name'."

Drake meanwhile recently appeared in costume on Jimmy Kimmel's US chat show.

The rapper was tasked with speaking to the public about himself whilst in disguise. Check out the funny video below: