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Moby reveals why he named his memoir 'Porcelain'

Music star Moby has a new memoir entitled 'Porcelain' and he opened up about the personal tome in an interview with the Rolling Stone. 

When asked why he decided to name it after one of his most famous songs, the hitmaker explained:

"Well, on one hand, it's one of my better-known songs. Also, it's white and fragile, and I'm white and fragile. A big part of the book is relapsing: halfway through the book I go from being a sober Christian to an alcoholic dater of strippers, and I did a lot of throwing up into porcelain toilets so it seemed like the perfect title."

Moby then confessed that the idea of writing a memoir came to him at a party: "I had been at a party in Brooklyn four or five years ago, and I was telling these stories about what New York had been like in the Eighties and early Nineties."

He added: "The people I was talking to were really fascinated because all of them had just moved to New York in the last few years. Someone said, "These stories are interesting. You should probably write them down." And that was the genesis of the book."

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