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Nadine Coyle surprised by Kimberley Walsh's remarks

Nadine Coyle has admitted that she was taken aback by unflattering comments Kimberley Walsh made about their relationship in her autobiography.

Walsh, 31, wrote about how close she was to Coyle in the early days of Girls Aloud but said that she felt she couldn't relate to her anymore when the Irish singer moved to the US.

She also claimed that the group were 'sucker-punched' when Coyle got her own manager during the peak of their career.

But Coyle, who is expecting her first baby with American football player Jason Bell, is shocked by Walsh's take on things. She told Hello! Magazine:

"I felt surprised, I have to say. But obviously, everybody is entitled to their own opinion.

"In my experience I had an amazing time for the whole time we were together. When I look back, I only have good memories of the ten years we were in Girls Aloud.

"To me it was an amazing experience and I refuse to think about it any other way."

Coyle will not be pulled into a debate with the rest of the band, she said:

"I don't retaliate so it gives people the opportunity to say, "Ah, Nadine has a feud with them."' 





Watch Nadine Coyle's video for 'Insatiable' below: