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Nick Jonas on 'Goat' movie role: "It opened up my eyes to seeing two things"

Singer and actor Nick Jonas has revealed that taking a role in the new movie Goat was really eye-opening in terms of the reality behind fraternities and what goes on within them away from the public eye. 

Chatting to W about the film, the "Chains" hitmaker explained that he was surprised how much of what truly happens is kept out of the news:

“When I became aware of this story, I think it opened up my eyes to seeing two things – first, how often these things happen, what happens in this film. And second, how often it’s quickly overlooked in the news cycle."

He also opened up about how he prepared for the role, adding: "My research was in speaking to friends of mine that had gone to college, first of all, and also gone through the fraternity experience. We also drank with all of the brother [characters] as a bonding experience - which actually really helped."

"It sounds funny, but those moments are kind of crucial when you need to know what that brother’s like when he’s drunk. The drinking is such a big part of the whole thing; it can’t be overlooked.”

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