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Rebecca Ferguson Breaks Silence On Industry Malpractice And Bullying

Updated May 13, 2018: Rebecca Ferguson has unveiled plans today for a petition aimed at Parliament to set up a music industry regulatory body.

The British singer tweeted: "I am starting a petition to take my concerns to parliament and to implement a Regulatory body in the UK that will protect artists, please sign and share.

"As soon as the petition is Live, I will let you all know. We are having meetings over the next week with Criminal barristers and Local MP's to make sure this does not get ignored and is taken seriously, making the protection of hopeful artists and current artists our mission."


Rebecca Ferguson has spoken out about being bullied as a recording artist from the very start of her career, opening up about the industry malpractice she says she has suffered and continues to suffer. 

In a Twitlonger post titled Statement of Truth uploaded yesterday (May 10), she tweeted:   

"Only very young and having dreamt of this my whole life I signed without any ‘independent’ legal advice feeling betrayed by my advisors! I wasn’t even given a moment to read through the document correctly before signing. 

"I was given an accountant, and I was also given my solicitor who was not at all independent, and they all worked together as one. 

"When I chose to close that particular chapter in my life I was pursued, I spent hundreds of thousands of pounds fighting what to me was a complete injustice. 

"Only to find out the lawyers I had instructed had not been acting to my best interests at all and the legal ombudsman investigated this and found that my fears were justified and ordered the firm to return all of the money that they had taken from me. 

"The abuse turned much worse.

"Some of my music was blocked internationally so that nobody could play or buy my albums.

"The oppression had reached it’s absolute worst when I was called and told I had to do something that compromised my integrity I was requested to do a gig and told, “they want you because you’re a black face. you need to do it.""

The singer was asked to perform at President Donald Trump's Inauguration Ceremony in January 2017 and responded that if she did, she would only do so if she could perform the protest song 'Strange Fruit' by Nina Simone. However, she declined the invitation with this statement which was uploaded onto Pressparty here.  

In the statement, she said: "There are many grey areas about the offer for me to perform that I'm unable to share right now, but I will not be singing". 

In yesterday's Twitlonger, she also spoke about being targeted by a con artist and her husband who were pretending to take care of her business affairs. 

She said: "I was targeted by a woman and her husband, they told me I was the victim of systematic bullying! And manipulation, and that this was being done to me to teach me a lesson for questioning my oppressor's conduct, and that I should fight what was happening to me she told me I needed to build up a file of all of the things that were happening to me.

"When her true intentions where realised she went on to destroy all of my files and company documents which affected me greatly as how could I function and submit anything with no files, she also sent me disturbing letters, and at that time had placed her name so that she would be able to collect my children from school."

In June 2015, a woman from Southport and her husband were jailed for 16 months for stealing £43,000 from Ferguson, as reported by the Liverpool Echo.

Rebecca Ferguson first came to prominence in 2010 on the UK series of the televised singing competition The X Factor, which saw fellow singer Matt Cardle win. 

With the push of the reality show's powerful wheel behind her, her debut solo album, 'Heaven', sold 128,000 copies in the first week of its release. The record peaked at No. 3 in the UK Official Charts. 

Ferguson released her fourth album, 'Superwoman,' in 2016 via Syco and Sony Music Entertainment. 

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