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Selena Gomez's personal struggles made '13 Reasons Why' project "harder"

Selena Gomez has revealed that making her new Netflix series '13 Reasons Why' was made "harder" because of her own stint in rehab.

During an interview with reporters from Entertainment Tonight this week, she talked about her own experience of seeking treatment for issues and how it aligned with some of the topics covered in the creative project, which details the story of a boy named Clay who finds a box of tapes left behind by classmate Hannah, who committed suicide. Each tape reveals a new reason why she killed herself and also addresses specific students known to both of them.

Gomez explained: "I think that my (own) high school experience was amplified (by the project). I wouldn't say it was worse, but it made it harder. To be frank with you, I actually was going through a really difficult time when they started production. I went away for 90 days, and I actually met a ton of kids in this place that were talking about issues that these characters are experiencing."

She added: "I was there for the last episode. I was a mess, just seeing it all come to life, because I've experienced just that for sure. It hits a very important part of me."

Watch a trailer for '13 Reasons Why' here:

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