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Selena Gomez will return to Wizards of Waverly Place for final movie

Actress and singer Selena Gomez is set to reprise her role as Alex Russo as it has been announced that there will be one final Wizards of Waverly Place movie.

She revealed her heartache at leaving her time on the show in the past, but will return for this last instalment, which is due to begin production next month.

Her on-screen mother, Maria Canals-Barrera, told E! News that Gomez will be great despite having been away from the show for a while because she's a dedicated actress who always loved her role:

"I think she'll be great because she's great at seeing the whole picture. She's not just focused on her part. She's the kind of actor that can see the whole story.”

“I think she'll take it seriously like she does. I think it's going to be great, I really do. I'm very excited about it. She's so sweet and talented and easy to work with."




Watch the trailer from the earlier movie below: