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Adam Lambert attends NewNowNext awards, talks "dirty" Elton John

Adam Lambert attended the NewNowNext awards last night (April 5) - and spoke out in praise of legendary singer Sir Elton John, who he met at this year's Oscars (pictured below).

Speaking on the event's red carpet, the vocal powerhouse admitted that the veteran singer has "such a dirty sense of humour" and that it was great to have now met him.

Speaking about meeting Elton, Lambert said: "It was really nice to meet him. He is super down to earth, really kind of dirty sense of humour."

Lambert was also asked about the name of his upcoming album 'Trespassing' and whether he had other possible titles up his sleeve. He replied: "That was the one. Out of all the tracks that I had completed, that was the one that summed up the vibe of the album. The song is kind of a mission statement for me as an artist."

The star also spoke to about 'Trespassing', stating that he reckons people will like the "fusion" of styles on the album and that it represents a "dichotomy" that people, especially in the gay community, often experience in life. He said:

"I think people are really going to appreciate the fusion of different styles on it, from disco, funk and house music from the past, but we made it new...and then towards the end of the album it gets very vulnerable. I think it sets up the dichotomy that a lot of us deal with, especially in the gay community. We kind of put on our strength and our pride, wear it proudly and march out to the world and do what we want to do and be rebellious - but underneath that sometimes it's not always that strong. Sometimes we have our issues and we're working through things and we have insecurities. I think the album kind of explores both bipolar dimensions of that."




Watch Adam Lambert being interviewed on the red carpet below: