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Robbie's a tad insecure

Robbie Williams says he’s fed up of people undermining his musical talent and is worried he’s only seen as “the clown from that boy band.”

The performer told ZEITmagazin: “People often assume I am only marginally involved in the making of my music, which makes me very sad. I feel underestimated because too many people think I only sing songs which have been written by much more talented songwriters.” 

He went on to complain: “Maybe that's because I never play an instrument on stage, which people interpret as a lack of knowledge about music or the technique behind writing a song. What can I do? Should I install a camera in the studio next time I make a record so the world can watch in amazement how I write a song? Luckily my bank knows how valuable I am.”

In a bid to prove his critics wrong the star also announced he’s written the music for his own funeral. Rather than opting for his biggest hit ‘Angels’ which is also one of the most popular funeral songs in the UK, he’s crafted a notoriously difficult requiem.