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Janis Winehouse: "I still find it impossible to listen to Amy's music"

Amy Winehouse's mother, Janis, has spoken out about what she thinks really killed her daughter and revealed that she can't bear to listen to her music any more. 

Speaking to the Daily Mail newspaper, she explained that her late daughter's tiny frame couldn't cope with the sudden shock of abstinence and she hopes that Amy didn't suffer as she died:

"I think what killed Amy was not just the alcohol, but the fact she was less than 7st and just over 5ft tall. Her body couldn’t cope with that amount of alcohol after three weeks of abstinence. It was the lack of consistency; the stopping and starting again."

"Everyone wishes for a peaceful death. My only comfort is that Amy’s was peaceful. I like to think she went to sleep and just didn’t wake up, so I hope she didn’t suffer."

Janis also added that during a recent holiday to Spain, Winehouse's version of 'Valerie' started playing in the restaurant she was eating in and it upset her so much that she had to leave before her meal was finished:

"The meal was over in that instant. We paid the bill and left. I still find it impossible to listen to Amy’s music."

Check out Winehouse's exclusive new track, 'Like Smoke', which features Nas and will be on her new album 'Lioness: Hidden Treasures', below: