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Amy Winehouse's father laments "f*ck up" in daughter's inquest

Mitch Winehouse has criticised the coroners who investigated his daughter Amy's death.

The talented singer died in July 2011 and an initial inquest ruled that she died from alcohol poisoning.

A second inquest was ordered, however, when it was revealed that the original coroner hadn't been registered as a lawyer in the UK for the registered five years.

The repeat inquest found the same results and taking to Twitter yesterday (January 8), Mitch Winehouse called the coroners "idiots", but confirmed that the family is doing okay. He said:

"Thanks for your kind messages today. The idiots at the coroners office f*cked up but we are fine."

Speaking previously about the second inquest, Winehouse said:

"It is preposterous. It is the same evidence so it was bound to reach the same conclusion. What other conclusion could they reach?"




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