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Cee Lo Green keen to stick at The Voice USA, game for supergroup

Cee Lo Green has confirmed his desire to keep on the coaching panel of The Voice USA - as long as it is still "fresh and exciting" for him.

The vocal star is one of the coaches on the US version of the show, which was then translated to a British version earlier this year.

Speaking to the Associated Press, Green said that he hopes to return to the show, but remained somewhat cautious. He said:

"I would like to think that we were irreplaceable, you know what I'm saying? But the truth of the matter is, we're still working-class artists and artists can be very fickle. I would like to be here as long as it's fresh and new and exciting and fun for me."

The singer also said that he feels a supergoup between the Voice US coaches would be a "great idea". He added:

"Why not, man? Why not? Everybody's talented. Everybody's available and highly enthusiastic. I think everybody would be up for it, man, because it's a great idea."




Watch Cee Lo Green on The Voice below:


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