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'Glee' star Darren Criss on knowing the show will end soon: 'It has given me closure'

Actor and singer Darren Criss, who plays Blaine Anderson on the hit U.S. musical series 'Glee', has revealed that being told the show would end after six seasons was great because it gave him time to get his head around the news. 

He told E! News that the forewarning about the programme's final season allowed him to get a sense of closure and he really appreciates knowing because it means that he can bring that feeling to his role:

"Not many television shows are afforded the luxury of knowing when you're going to end so that's nice. You have time to kind of wrap your brain around on it and get a little closure so I'm excited, but I'm definitely not running to the finish line by any means. I'm enjoying what I have left because I don't think it'll ever be like this ever again."

He went on to joke that 'Glee' will end dramatically, adding: "There's a nuclear bomb. Season 6 is actually about the post-apocalyptic nuclear fallout in Lima, Ohio... There's always a song and dance about the nuclear bomb."

Watch Criss talk about the show's final season below: