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Jessie J's age concern

Jessie J admits that she's very aware of writing and performing age-appropriate songs and laughs that she can't imagine singing 'Do It Like A Dude' when she hits 40-years-old.

The 'Price Tag' BRIT award winner spoke to The Daily Star about her feelings on making sure she suits her music and explained she's always very conscious of her material:

"I’m aware of what I’m singing about all the time, which is why I was so nervous about Do It Like A Dude, that people were going to judge me for it, because it has elements of the dollar about it.

“Don’t get me wrong, I love basement music like Pass Out, but eventually I thought: ‘If I can’t do a song like this now, when can I?’ I should have fun too."

Talking specifically about her debut single, she added:

"Can you imagine doing a song like that when I’m 40? Oh God. I knew it would shake up some controversy.”

Watch Jessie J's Australian performance of 'Price Tag' here: