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Kelly Clarkson says she'd like to kick some artists in the face

Kelly Clarkson, whose album 'Stronger' is out on Monday (October 24), has said that she'd like to kick artists who take credit for songs they haven't written in the face.

The 'Walk Away' singer told, that if she writes a song, her name appears on the credits, but it annoys her when other artists take the credit for someone else's work:

"And I've got a lot of writer friends. There's songs I've tweaked perspective, but if my name is on a song I wrote the lyrics and melody. There's songs like 'What Doesn't Kill You' or certain parts of 'Mr Know-It-All', if I didn't write it I usually make it my own, but I don't give myself a credit because the song is already there. I know a lot of artists say, 'If you want your song on my record, I get 50 per cent' and I'd like to kick them in the face. That's people's livelihoods. It's just so lame".

And another thing that she will take credit for is her Twitter account. She says that she is the one tweeting the majority of the time:

"It's me 99 per cent of the time. All the tool stuff I don't want to do, like, 'My album is in stores tomorrow', I make my management do. If it's pictures of my dogs, it's me!"

Check out Kelly Clarkson's video for 'Mr. Know-It-All' and her interview with Chart Show TV:


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