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Lady Gaga thanks Kylie Minogue for being a "supportive female" after hair tweet

Superstar Lady Gaga has revealed her delight at being sent a personal tweet from pop icon Kylie Minogue.

The 'Born This Way' beauty recently debuted a brand new style after colouring her hair "Louis Vuitton brown" and she shared a photo of herself with her stunning brunette locks, accompanied by the caption:

"And this is how it looks up!! (I know this is boring) but fun!"

Minogue saw the picture and retweeted Gaga's original message, but had added her own thoughts to the end of it and told her that she loves the different tresses she's had over the past few years: "NOPE. One thing ur hair ISN'T #boring."

Gaga soon replied, writing: "@Kylieminogue if it wasn't for ure tour, i wouldnt have had to pay so much to build this MASSIVE stage. Thanku for being a supportive female."

Following their public exchange, Gaga then returned to the social networking site and told her Little Monsters that her new 'do won't be 'worn' as part of her current tour because she's not completely ready for it yet:

"I won't be wearing my new hair in the BTWBALL, you'll have to wait for ARTPOP #bitchesPAIDtoSeeABlond gonna keep it for me for a bit..."




Watch behind-the-scenes footage from Gaga's recent Vogue cover shoot here: