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Lea Michele: 'Happiness is the greatest success'

'Glee' beauty Lea Michele has revealed that her greatest success of all is being happy in her own skin and with the life she has made for herself. 

During an interview with the Huffington Post, the songstress and actress explained that it's typical for people to measure success in terms of wealth or career status, but she thinks it's more important to be content:

"I really think that in this business it's so funny because you achieve different levels of success and you always think, 'Well maybe I just need to get that next award or that next job."

"You always think that when you get to the next level you'll be the happiest, but for me success is really about being happy and proud of myself and the work that I do. That to me is the greatest success."

Michele added that being true to yourself is also the greatest achievement and she is proud that she has stuck to her guns in that respect: "If I've learned anything over the past five or so years of moving to Los Angeles and getting [cast in ''Glee''] is that being yourself is the most important thing."

"I always thought that I needed to fit into a mould and be a certain type of person in order to become successful or to make it in this world, but it was really just being me that introduced me to the people that have opened so many doors for my life and for my career."

Watch Michele talk about her vocal training here: