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Lily Allen praises Adele: 'She's incredible and does things on her own terms'

'Air Balloon' songstress Lily Allen has revealed that she has a great amount of admiration and love for Adele because she is inspired by how the vocal sensation retains her integrity and does things her own way.

When asked who she has a lot of respect for, the hitmaker quickly replied and confessed that she looks up to her husband, Sam Cooper, and the 'Rolling In The Deep' superstar:

"My husband. And Adele – I think she’s incredible, and I love the way she does things on her own terms."

"She did that before she was successful, actually – I have a lot of love and admiration and respect for her. She’s not scared of losing anything, you see – it doesn’t mean anything to her. She’s not materialistic."

Allen then admitted that she thinks Adele's return to music will probably be unannounced and very sudden, and in a similar way to how Beyoncé released her latest record without any prior promotion: "I think she will do that. I have an inkling. Just a hunch. Based on nothing."

Watch Allen's newly released music video for 'Sheezus' here: