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Lily Allen on new album: 'There's better to come from me and there has been better stuff in the past'

Hitmaker Lily Allen has revealed that she thinks her next collection of songs will top those that are on her new album because she still feels as if she can 'do better' musically. 

Speaking to Q magazine recently, the 'Sheezus' singer explained that she feels as though her best is still yet to come despite the fact that she really likes her new record and the tracks that feature on it:

"I felt such relief that I could connect with myself again. I don't want to slag off my own work because I am proud of this record, but I think there's probably better to come from me and there's been better stuff in the past as well. I was just relieved to have something that slightly resembled me because I'd felt so far away from me." 

Earlier today (April 30), Allen took to her official Twitter page and told her fans that she's now facing the tough task of choosing which track will be her next single and asked for help with suggestions: "Right, gotta choose my next single , whadd'ya reckon?"

She has previously spoken about reading a collection of negative and rude remarks from a focus group who previewed her new record, 'Sheezus', and admitted that it was truly shocking: "I accidentally got copied in on a whole bunch of it and reading it was one of the most horrible moments of my life. They don't actually tell the people what it is that they're listening to. So a lot of it was just people going 'is this Lily Allen? It f**king is Lily Allen', 'If this is her I thought she'd f**king retired the stupid c***!'"

Watch her latest music video here: