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Lily Allen: 'It's f**king weird that we're all obsessed with the way everybody looks'

'Air Balloon' hitmaker Lily Allen has confessed that she's saddened by the amount of superficiality in the modern world and thinks that social networking sites and apps, such as Instagram, are fuelling the fire. 

During a new interview with the Miami New Times, the songstress explained that we are a narcissistic generation and she's disappointed with how self-obsessed we are:

"We live in a world where people are obsessed with the way everybody looks. It's just the way it is. Instagram is huge, even bigger than Twitter these days, and that's because people want to look at pictures of other people. It's f**king weird that we're all doing it."

The star also opened up about her career hiatus and admitted that she was forced to axe a series of European tour dates as a result of poor ticket sales rather than wanting to focus on her family life, which was the reason her PR people suggested she give at the time:

"I actually had to cancel a bunch of European dates. It was because of poor ticket sales, not because I wanted to spend some more time with my family. But my PR people were saying, 'That's the way we should play it, and say that you want to be with your kids.' But it's not true."

"I mean, I do want to be with my kids, but I would never use them as an excuse to cancel shows. It is tough, but once you've made a commitment and people have started buying tickets to your show, I couldn't just cancel a week before a gig. That would be grossly unfair."

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