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Lily Allen: "I want to be unhappy so I can write some good songs"

Lily Allen has stated that she needs to feel down in order to compose decent tunes.

The ‘Hard Out Here’ singer spoke to BBC Radio 2 about her struggles to come up with new music during times of happiness.

Lily explained: “'I kind of feel like I want to be happy in my mind, but at the same time I want to be unhappy so I can write some good songs!”

She went on to reveal that being on tour and apart from her husband and two daughters is a key source of unhappiness for her:

“'I find that when I'm sort of struggling emotionally, words come a little bit easier in the studio. So maybe that's why I've decided to start writing now, because I'm sad when I'm not with my family.”

Lily Allen previously conceded that the songs on her comeback album ‘Sheezus’ “aren’t good enough”.

29-year-old Lily also hit out at BBC Radio 1 for the lack of commercial success of her latest singles after they were dropped from the station’s playlist. Allen argued: “Nobody knows what the f**k they're doing”.

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