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LMFAO make Madonna honorary member

LMFAO have revealed they have made Madonna an honorary member of the group after landing a support slot at her Hyde Park show in July.

The ‘Party Rock Anthem’ stars, who also appeared with the Material Girl at last month’s half-time Superbowl show, told the Daily Star they feel they share many similarities with the pop icon:

SkyBlu claimed: “Madonna’s the female LMFAO. It feels so great to be accepted by the pop world. We always wanted to be compared to people like Madonna.

“She entertained the world whether it was a movie, her live shows or her records. That is what LMFAO do. We aren’t just one song, we are a lifestyle and we are about making people laugh.”

The Los Angeles duo, currently in the UK Top 40 with 'Sorry For Party Rocking,' also revealed their amazing run of success has inspired them to make a film alongside their next album:

Redfoo said: “To us this is all like a movie. We made the soundtrack to our lives. If you love the lifestyle, the humour and the way we dress, then you like our movie. It’s a continual movie so when we’re too busy to get involved with other projects we have to explain: ‘We’re like making Avatar over here.’

“For the next album we want to make a movie, our Purple Rain. We talked about it a lot and it feels right now.”




Watch LMFAO perform with Madonna at the Superbowl below: