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Priscilla Presley: 'Miley Cyrus is a lot like Elvis'

Elvis Presley's ex-wife has revealed that she thinks pop superstar Miley Cyrus is similar to the him in the way she behaves on stage as a performer.  

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Priscilla Presley (pictured left) explained that she thinks Cyrus is coming from a similar place to Elvis so she understands her in that capacity:

"I don't know what to think of her. I mean I think she's very talented. And I think maybe Miley feels she has to express herself and this is what she needs right now. I can't criticise, I really don't want to criticise because Elvis went through the same thing." 

Of Elvis, she added that his sex appeal wasn't intentional or put on for the sake of an audience: "He had sex appeal, but one of things that bothered him was the fact that when he moved he got reprimanded by not only the public, but by a lot of people from high places who said, 'Oh my god what is this, it's vulgar.' But Elvis was brought up on gospel music and watching them sing and feeling it. It's soulful."

Cyrus, meanwhile, is currently on her Bangerz tour across north America and her new live show has come under fire for being inappropriate for young fans with parents complaining about the risqué nature of her performances

Watch footage of Cyrus's Bangerz tour here: