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Charlotte Church on new EP 'Four': 'It has been a hell of a process'

Singer Charlotte Church is gearing up to release her new EP, entitled 'Four', on March 10 and opened up about the "rewarding" record in a new interview. 

Speaking to Digital Spy about her upcoming new release, Church explained that it has been a heavy-going project but one she's very proud of:

"It's been a hell of a process, a lot more work than you might imagine! But it's immensely rewarding, it's amazing how it has been received by lots of the music press and stuff. It's been very tough and challenging and a lot of work at times but I think this series of EPs is definitely what I am most proud of in my career so far."

She also talked about the lyrical content of the songs that make up the offering, adding that science was a big influence on how she wrote the EP:

"Lots of the themes on 'Four' are to do with love but trying to sort of express that in different ways, so there is quite a bit of science-y stuff on that, so whether it be about entanglement theory - which is a quantum mechanics theory - or mathematics that is loosely based on the chaos theory. I recently fell in love with New Scientist magazine and I just find it incredibly interesting really."

Watch Church perform 'The Mistress' here