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Shawn Mendes reveals 'creepy' fan encounter

Canadian heartthrob Shawn Mendes has shared details of a 'creepy' fan encounter that really took him by surprise. 

During a new interview with Z100's Elvis Duran, the talented youngster was asked if he has ever had any strange fan encounters and admitted that there was one time where a girl snatched his phone from his hands and started to follow herself on Twitter from his personal account:

"Yeah, I was in New York and a fan got my phone out of my hand without me knowing and they started following themselves and getting information... I had to get it back from them, it was creepy."

He also went onto add that he often feels as though he uses his phone too much and that as a generation we're almost too connected: "Too many! It's a habit now, if I don't have it in my pocket now I freak out - I think I've lost it."

"I have... I mean there have been days where I'm like, 'OK, I've gotta get off for just one day'. Sometimes you get so into it that you need to cool down and decompress. We went to this really cool waterfall in Oregon and I left my phone on the bus the whole day."

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