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Meghan Trainor: 'My main goal as a songwriter is to make catchy music'

Songstress Meghan Trainor has revealed that she knows people are going to dissect her hit single 'All About That Bass' because it deals with very current subject matter, but she only meant to write a song people would want to dance to. 

During an interview with the Associated Press, the beauty explained that it is annoying when people analyse your song and make it into a really serious discussion because she just wants to write catchy material that people can relate to:

"Yeah, it's a little weird. It's a little weird when they pick apart every single word, when there's a lot of other stuff in the world that we could be talking about. But I just wrote a three minute song about loving yourself and having fun with it and dancing with it. So I hope they get that from it. As a songwriter, my main goal is to make it stupid catchy. Make it so they have to sing this for the rest of their life."

Trainor, meanwhile, has managed to maintain her No.1 lead on the official UK Singles Chart this week with 'All About That Bass' despite facing tough competition from One Direction with their new offering, 'Steal My Girl'

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Watch Trainor discussing the song here: