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McBusted's Dougie Poynter: 'I'm scared to death of eating meat'

McBusted member Dougie Poynter has revealed that he turned vegetarian after watching a particularly harrowing documentary about humanity's use of animals as pets, food, clothing, and entertainment. 

The film, 'Earthlings', is narrated by narrated by Joaquin Phoenix and has been dubbed one of the most powerful documentaries of its kind, causing people to change their diet and attitudes towards the issue after just one watch. 

Poynter told Fabulous magazine that after viewing the film, he cut out meat from his diet altogether as it really opened his eyes and changed his opinions:

"I very recently turned vegetarian. About two months ago, I watched this documentary about where meat comes from and what the animals are fed, so essentially you're eating that, too. I have a very fragile mind and it has been warped by that programme. Now I'm scared to death of eating meat..."

The rocker went onto add that bandmate Tom Fletcher went one step further and has committed to a vegan lifestyle: "Tom turned f**king vegan, that's extremely New Age. He lives like a chicken. Off seeds. I think Tom's only being vegan so he can get close to Natalie Portman."

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