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Joe Jonas' teenage dream of touring with Britney was shattered

Joe Jonas has revealed that he was close to fulfilling his teenage dream of touring with Britney Spears, but her decision to have an all-girl line up for her Femme Fatale dates stopped it from happening. 

"At one point we were considering that (touring with Spears). But they wanted to go with an all-girl tour, which is really understandable. Nicki Minaj is fantastic..."

The young musician recently launched his solo career away from the Jonas Brothers safety net, which has been met with a great response, and he told E! Online that he "fell in love with her (Spears)" years ago:

"The first CD that I ever bought was Britney Spears... I fell in love with her. It was an early crush for me."

Watch Joe prepare for his first performance not only his entire solo career, but of 'See No More', below: